The Alexander Beard Group is an international financial services organisation.

Our headquarters are in the United Kingdom (Cheshire); we also have other UK offices in Yorkshire and London with international offices in Australia, France, The Netherlands, South Africa and U.S.A.

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  • 5 top travel tips to make your holiday easier

    Holidays can be expensive, that’s for sure. Getting everything organised for your trip can be quite a challenge, too. So we’ve compiled these simple tips to save you money and allow you to enjoy your time away to the full. Scanning travel docs It’s a good idea to scan your travel details, passport...

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  • Are mini-bonds a good alternative to savings?

    You may have seen mini-bonds advertised, offering as much as 10% returns over reasonably short timeframes. Companies such as John Lewis, Hotel Chocolat and Naked Wines have famously employed them as a way of accruing debt-based funding. If you’re an individual with some capital available for investm...

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  • Can I use equity release to pay for care?

    It’s one of the scary things about growing old, isn’t it? We’re all living longer, thanks to medical science but does that mean more of us are going to end up in a care home, struggling to find the means to pay for it? A year in a care home can cost more than £50,000. This means some families are a...

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