Everything you’ll ever need as a Brit in the USA

If you are a Brit planning to move to the US, or if you’ve already taken up residence in the United States, then it is likely that you will have questions. Sometimes, it might seem difficult to know where to turn to find the answers. Can your bank help? Your travel agent perhaps? If you’re moving to a new job, will your US employer be able to answer every question you have about your new life?

Alexander Beard Group are international financial advisers, but we do more than just telling you how to best organise your finances for your move to The States. With offices in both the UK and the USA, we are dedicated to helping you with what’s really important: providing all of the answers you need to make your big move, plain sailing.

On this page you’ll find information about commonly questioned areas of a move to the US; from accommodation arrangements to visas, exchange rates to taxes, location options to local laws. We are constantly updating it with new answers and articles, but if you do find something we haven’t covered yet, then feel free to ask us about it by getting in touch here .

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