Income In Retirement

The hard part was putting in all the work and saving over the last few decades, but if you simply accept the pension income offered by your company scheme or your pension provider, you may be putting that hard work to waste.  There are many options available to you at the point of retiring and the whole of the market in pension arrangements opens up once more.

The challenges you will face have not been experienced by previous generations.  Increasing life expectancy, low interest rates and a myriad of ways to draw your income combine to make this era a challenging one in which to retire.  The retired way of life is changing too, the early years of retirement are increasingly active and then some tougher financial decisions may follow in later life.

We can help you understand current legislation on accessing your pension funds, including:

  • Flexible Drawdown
  • Short and long term annuities
  • Benefits payable on death
  • Pension fund investment options
  • Lifetime limits

Our experience of helping people through the changing world of retirement, our knowledge of the market and our expertise in financial strategies can make a significant difference to how much income you enjoy from your pension savings.

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