Financial Planning

Financial planning is a very personal matter.  It is all about answering two key questions:

How would you like your future to look?

Are you on the right track?

We use a variety of approaches to ensure that your financial planning requirements are comprehensively met.

  • We make good use tax favoured savings and investment opportunities: Pensions plans, Individual Savings Accounts, Investment Bonds are all examples of the investment vehicles we might recommend to make full use of the tax saving opportunities available in the UK.  Whether you are consolidating pension plans or starting a new investment, we can ensure that your finances are arranged as efficiently as possible.
  • We provide Investment advice to enhance the strategy: Our diversified approach can limit the damage that unpredictable events can cause to your financial plans.  Furthermore, by applying our detailed investment research, you can ensure that your assets always have the potential to grow. 
  • We provide Mortgage Advice to secure your home or investment properties: Whether you are buying a new home, managing your mortgage payments or building up your property portfolio, our mortgage services can help you take your next big step, swiftly and smartly.
  • We recommend insurance policies to protect your plans: Good planning requires a thorough understanding of what can go wrong.  Life assurance, critical illness cover and income protection can all bring normality back from the brink of disaster.  Our financial planning skills can help you to help you work out what your insurance needs might be and our research can help you cover them cost effectively.
  • We provide detailed guidance on retirement: We advise on flexible income solutions, pension fund investment strategies as well as guaranteed income arrangements. This allows you to make the most of your pension plans and enjoy retirement.
  • We help you to minimise Inheritance Tax: Knowledge of the tax rules and their practical application is the backbone of all our financial planning strategies.  There are reasonable steps that you can take to reduce your Inheritance Tax liability without compromising how you live.

People often ask for our help with one specific issue, such as feeling that they ought to tidy up their pension funds or take a sensible decision about what to do with their savings.

We can make a big difference by taking a step back and reviewing the whole story.  The result is a solid financial plan that delivers exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

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