Expatriate Services

From this division we offer expert cross border financial planning advice to British and UK expats. This includes overseas pension transfers (QROPS), investment and protection planning.

There is a well worn cliché that “the world gets smaller every day”, in many ways with the advent of technology and modern travel times this often seems the case.  These two factors have led increasingly to a larger number of people working internationally and emigrating to different parts of the globe.  Never before has there been a greater need for a coherent financial planning service for people falling into those categories.

Whether you are emigrating to Australia, New Zealand, United States or anywhere else in the world and wish to discuss the financial implications, we can offer an unrivalled service.

Alexander Beard has been offering services to expatriates and British emigrants for the vast majority of its history.  We have developed a unique specialisation in this area with clients in every continent of the world.  From families who emigrate to Australia or New Zealand through to international teachers working in South East Asia, South America and Africa; internationally mobile executives as well as professionals and contractors in the international Oil and Gas exploration industry we have served hundreds of clients who continue to live overseas and whose lives and financial affairs require a particular type of care and attention.

If you are now resident in the United States or intend emigrating there, we can offer you a bespoke USA / UK cross border financial planning service.  This covers all your financial planning, tax and legal needs in one place.  With the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) recently starting it is now more important that the pensions and investments you leave behind are compliant.

Whether you are emigrating, contemplating working abroad for a fixed period of time, planning to return to your home country; whether you are emigrating to Australia, transferring a pension to New Zealand, or require Q.R.O.P.S. transfer advice, this division of our group is the resource you may have been looking for!