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The Trustees of the Bechtel Pension Plan have contacted you regarding your retirement options from the Money Purchase Section of your Bechtel Limited Pension Plan. 


The contributions that you and Bechtel paid when you were an active member of the Plan are held in a pot of money, that is invested in line with your instructions.  


The Plan was designed to make sure you will receive a minimum level of pension at retirement, even if investment markets suffer a downturn and the value of your pot of money falls. This minimum level of pension at retirement is referred to in the Trustee letter as your “minimum pension” . This is good news for you as it means your pot of money will be topped up by the Plan when you retire, if it has fallen below the minimum level.


The Plan administrators need to keep track of two values, your pension pot and your minimum pension.  As it is not known which value will be higher at your retirement, it can be difficult for you to plan for your retirement and for Bechtel to ensure that the right amount of funding is held in the Plan to meet benefits when they are due, especially if there is a sudden change in investment markets.  The Trustees would also like to be able to make your Plan benefits even more secure in the future by buying an insurance policy covering all benefits for all Plan members.  Unfortunately, an insurance company isn’t able to insure your benefits in their current form. 


Taking the above points into account, the Trustees intend to split your Plan benefits into two parts to make things simpler:

  1. your minimum pension; and

  2. the remaining value of your pension pot once the value of your minimum pension has been allowed for.


Your minimum pension will provide you with a known annual pension for the rest of your life.  This is no different from the way your benefits are currently paid at normal retirement, if you choose to purchase an annual pension for the rest of your life from an insurer. 

The value of your minimum pension that is deducted from your pension pot will be calculated by the Trustees’ advisors based on the cost of transferring your minimum pension out of the Plan.


The Trustees have engaged our firm to help you understand this process.

Why choose Alexander Beard:

The Trustees of the Bechtel Limited Pension Plan have selected us as their partner in this project, due to our long-standing reputation and experience in providing financial advice to clients located outside the UK. The business was established in 1987 and we have offices across the world; in the UK; San Mateo, California; Perth, Australia; Johannesburg, South Africa and two in the European Union in Lyon, France and Dublin, Ireland, each appropriately authorised to act in their local jurisdiction. More information on this can be found online at


Member Journey:










Your Team:

Paula Dingley - Project Manager
Paula joined Alexander Beard Group in April 2006 as PA to Chairman, Paul Beard. Having worked for over 13 years in this position Paula was promoted in September 2019 to Project Manager having assisted Paul with many projects over the years.She took on increased responsibilities including management of the company’s special projects and overseeing the Expatriate Division.Prior to joining Alexander Beard Group, Paula has worked as a Research Manager and then moved to be a PA at one of the UK’s largest insurance companies.Paula spends most weekends either hiking up a mountain or skiing at the Manchester indoor ski slope perfecting her skiing.

Mark James - Senior Financial Planner (UK/USA)
Mark began his career more than 28 years ago, working for international investment banks in multiple jurisdictions. He progressed into the wealth management arena working within private banks, providing advice to high net worth clients.
Mark is a registered investment adviser in the United States and a UK registered financial adviser. This enables him to better assist clients with assets in either jurisdiction and provide them with a holistic cross border service. Mark is also a pension transfer specialist and aims to become Chartered later this year.
He predominantly specializes in assisting and providing advice specifically tailored to British expatriates in the United States or US expatriates living abroad.

Joe Kennedy - Senior Financial Planner (UK/Ireland)
Joe has worked in financial services for 30 years and starting his career in pension and investment administration at various large insurance companies, including a secondment at Old Mutual International in Guernsey.
He worked as a broker consultant for Prudential and Aviva for 5 years and in 2006, he started his financial advisory career at Alexander Forbes in London. He has also worked at Close Brothers and Creative Wealth and has provided advice to many clients over the years to help them achieve their objectives.
Joe holds the Diploma in Financial Planning (DIP PFS) and the Advanced Level Qualification in Pensions Planning. He has also recently passed the Irish Qualified Financial Adviser (QFA) examination. Joe works in the Expat Division providing pension specialist advice to expatriates.
Joe lives in Co. Wexford in Ireland with his family. Joe is an avid road cyclist and has completed many long-distance charity bike rides.

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