Investment Advice

Investing is not gambling, where the odds are stacked against you.  When professionally conducted, investing is a process where the most likely outcome is that you will receive a positive return.  In general, investment markets reward risks (up to a certain level).  The key to successful investing is to remain disciplined and follow a sound process based on detailed research and tested methods.

Your Investment Objective

What are you seeking to achieve with your investments?  When will you need the money?  What is it for?  What impact could it have on the way you live if you were to lose money?  The answers to these questions help us to progress through the key steps in the investment advice process.

The Investment Vehicle

We identify the right Investment Vehicle for you.  This is how and where the investments will be held.  It affects the tax treatment of the funds and the access you will have to the money.

Asset Allocation Process

We agree the balance of cash, bonds, property and shares using an Asset Allocation Model or Risk Controlled Funds.  This affects the spread of risk across your investments.  This aspect is explained in detail in our Investment Philosophy (see downloadable document below).

Investment Fund Research

We sift through the thousands of investment funds available to deliver the desired spread of assets.  This is where factors such as investment expertise and strategy come into play.  This aspect is also explained in detail in our Investment Philosophy (see downloadable document below).

Meeting Your Criteria

We research the market to find the investment provider which is best placed to support all your requirements.

Reviewing and Updating

We review your strategy every year.  All investment strategies can drift over time, causing the balance of investments to move outside your agreed risk parameters.  Our annual review service provides you continued access to our most up to date research and insights.  This keeps your investments on the right path until you need to use the money to provide the lifestyle you planned.

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