International Employee Benefits

Our International Employee Benefit business is head quartered in the Dutch town of Den Bosche. The current business resulted from a merger 5 years ago of Bogaard Pensioen B.V and Alexander Beard International Employee Benefits Ltd, foundered 11 years ago and part of the Alexander Beard group of companies Ltd head quartered in Chester.

Our particular speciality is looking after the overseas employees of US head quartered companies in the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Canada, Australia and Africa.

In each of these locations we have fully staffed offices with the appropriate expertise to deliver the wide range of differing benefits expected under legislation and social contract in each of those countries and regions.

Broadly speaking these benefits include pension, life insurance, income and disability protection, private medical insurance, cash plans, travel and dental insurance.

In each of the countries we operate we are mindful of the variants in what is expected and what is the bench mark for specific types or organisations.

Our services can be summarised as follows:

  • Recommending the most appreciate plans and providers
  • Issuing welcome communication to all staff members
  • Staff presentations where required
  • One to one meetings or tele meetings with employees
  • Individual advise to members
  • Advise on investment portfolios relating to pensions
  • Reviewing previous pension arrangement and where applicable amalgamating them with current arrangements

Or more information about our individual country operations please click on the link to the appropriate microsite below.

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