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Investment Committee

The investment committee is made up of individuals from a number of disciplines to provide differing perspectives. There are representatives from our investment team, compliance department, the advisory team and a committee member from outside our organisation. This provides varied views from a variety of perspectives.

The role of the committee is to provide a forum for discussion of new research, to review the performance of the portfolios and assess any updates to the processes that might be put forward. In particular, the committee holds up a common sense mirror to the investment processes from a number of different angles.

It is vital that these processes are questioned and probed on a regular basis, with a critical eye. Through regular appraisal and evaluation we aim to improve wherever possible. Given that the investment world never has the same year twice, there is no reason for us to sit back and believe that we have perfected our processes. We will always continue to evolve.


Andrew Moore

Partner / Director


Kate Parfitt

Group Compliance Director