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  • Great Expectations – Recent Stock Market Turmoil

    My comments are intended to provide a sense of perspective on recent stock market events.  I believe that they key factor driving markets at the moment is expectations of interest rate movements. The simple rule is that there is a hierarchy of risk and returns: If banks are paying low in...

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  • Capitalism, Politics and Horror Movies

    As stock markets continue their march beyond all-time highs the usual concerns start to emerge: Are stock markets over-valued? After the boom surely there will be a bust? What about Trump/Brexit/North Korea/China… etc? For those who are waiting to invest the prospect...

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  • The Dr Seuss of Investing – SAD, PAD, MAD and FAD.

    It’s that time of year again where the leaves start falling and temperature drops.  These misty mornings awash with autumnal colours look fantastic.  Some people don’t see the colours, blinded by the longer nights and deterred by the falling temperatures.  Seasonally Adjusted Depression (SAD) is a r...

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Monthly Market Commentary

  • DECEMBER: A strong 2017 for global equity markets

    Although global equity market returns were relatively muted during December, annualised performance from leading equity indices was very strong. The US, Germany, Japan, Brazil and India all generated double-digit returns, boosted by a strengthening global economy. The UK, however, bucked the trend a...

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  • NOVEMBER: Politics dominate in October

    Politics grabbed the spotlight during October, and global investor sentiment was affected by mounting political crisis in Spain, General Elections in Japan and Austria, and continuing developments – and controversy – in the Brexit process. Several key indices – including the Dow Jones Industrial Ave...

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  • OCTOBER: North Korea dominates news flow

    Global markets generally ended September in positive territory, despite an intensifying war of words between US President Donald Trump and North Korea. The UK was an exception, however; the FTSE 100 Index fell by 0.8% over the month, driven down by Brexit-related worries. During September, Europe...

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