Quarterly Newsletter - July 2018 - Paul Beard Introduction

by Alexander Beard, on Jul 31, 2018 5:24:10 AM


It’s been a beautiful summer here in the UK, the World Cup is over and our colleagues in the Lyon office had plenty to celebrate, Allez les Bleus!!

Politics both home and abroad continues to dominate the news agenda what with the continuing dogfight that is Brexit and President Trump’s recent ‘long weekend’ in the UK.

Brexit negotiations are set to re-start soon and it will be interesting to see if the somewhat mutual intransigence starts to soften; whatever the rights and wrongs of Brexit, we have a huge trade deficit with the other EU countries which means that they should have a greater incentive to reach a satisfactory trade deal. If the Brussels bureaucrats continue with what seems to be a single-minded determination to punish the UK and that results in medium term damage to the economies of all the affected countries with consequent unemployment, then the people may not forgive them. However, the recent resignations of Messrs. Davis and Johnstone from the Cabinet have not helped create an atmosphere of unity in either the government or the Conservative party and the EU negotiators will be acutely aware of this weakness.

The last quarter for ABG has been a relatively quiet period with our concentration being focussed upon introduction of the new GDPR rules.
Whilst I applaud the motives, as usual, the law of unintended consequences applies and some of the rules are frankly nonsensical.

Quite why I should have to write to all our clients and professional partners to seek their permission to continue to send them, for example, this newsletter, given that we have been sending this out to the same group for many years, without objection, I really don’t know?

We have had to spend literally thousands of pounds writing to our existing clients to ask permission to continue marketing to them and of course, using up valuable human resource as well.

However, the business continues to grow as evidenced by the fact that in the last quarter we have welcomed 3 new employees:

Thomas Jackson - Assistant Group Schemes Administrator in our employee benefits business.
Joe Harrington joins Liz Wilkinson as a Trainee Paraplanner in our Expat services division.
Matthew Young, a Chartered Financial Planner has joined our wealth management business in our London office.

We welcome them all and we were also pleased to welcome back Holly Potts, the client services Director in our EB business, after maternity leave.

I hope you all have a great summer.

Kind Regards

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