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Making sure you’re on track to retain your lifestyle in retirement

Planning a ski trip? Try somewhere a little unusual

The Economy - How a horse race reflects sentiment

Stock Markets and the Electoral Cycle

Annual allowance – pension savings statements for 2018/19 being issued

UK State Pension (non-residents)

The Changing Face of Equity Release

Capitalism, Social Security and Welfare in Germany- and it’s link to a new pension model in Germany

Quarterly Newsletter - November 2019 - Paul Beard Introduction

Why the humble 50p could be worth investigating

Financial lessons for parents of students

Why reading is more ‘taxing’ for some

Protecting your home from care home fees

Would more people actually like to retire a little later?

The Help to Buy ISA deadline is looming

The retirement mistruth

Marshmallows and financial planning

Five million pension savers at risk of falling prey to scammers

Could the circular business model be the future?

Blockchain: What is it?

Charity tax reforms could make us more generous

Cash versus bonds, which is safer?

8 places to visit this Autumn in the UK

How to stay safe online

Brexit: Is the end in sight?

6 UK dining experiences to feed your intrigue

What does PwC’s report mean for the future of audits?

How to find the right investment for you

The generational gap in savings might be wider than you think…

IR35 reforms are coming: what you need to know

The European art museums you need to visit

What is the open banking revolution?

What is a green mortgage, and what can it do for you?

Current Market Turbulence

Is private or employee benefit pension provision worthwhile today?

Australian Interest Rates – A Double-edged Sword?

New Job, New Contract, New Location.

Pension Reform

8 Reasons Why Investing is Like Riding a Bike, and 1 Reason Why it is Not!

Quarterly Newsletter - August 2019 - Paul Beard Introduction

Facebook to launch new currency

Stamps, coins and automobiles… What collectibles are you passionate about?

Making Tax Digital: are you onboard?

Ethical investments: what shade of green are you?

Drawdown tax and flexible retirement income. What does it all mean?

20 years after the ISA was launched, what does the future hold?

Why investing your money is more profitable than leaving it in a bank account

Generation X is failing to save for their pensions

How can you make the most out of diversification?

Gifting rules and inheritance tax, what you might not know

Financial Wellbeing

What does it take to retire early?

“UK Tax system is unfair,” say small businesses

Auto-Enrolment changes put pressure on small businesses

Defined Contribution vs Defined Benefit – what’s the difference and what’s the trend?

The UK is struggling to save; what are the implications?

6 bad habits to avoid during retirement

House of Lords urges Government to scrap triple lock

3 tips to avoiding inheritance tax

UK business owners are surprisingly positive about Brexit, says report

The ‘ISA Cappuccino Plan’: Why it pays to start early

4 Reasons why you should plan your self-assessment early this year

The perks of saving into a Junior ISA

Why cruise holidays are booming for retirees

What does the auto-enrolment increase mean for you?

What to know about ISAs in 2019/20

After Carillion: Accountancy and auditing gets a shake-up

4 Key takeaways from the Spring Statement

The State Pension

State Pension in Germany - Update 2019

The Alexander Beard Global Investment Account (GIA)

A Fistful of Dollars….

Quarterly Newsletter - May 2019 - Paul Beard Introduction

What is a partial transfer?

As a parent, could you be missing out on your state pension?

Why the panic about cryptocurrencies?

Mary Poppins Returns: Can a tuppence really save the day?

Saving for retirement: what’s the magic number

One in seven widows are missing out on valuable tax breaks

Converting a Help to Buy ISA to a Lifetime ISA

Savers turning to watchdogs in the fight against pension scammers

What is the Innovative Finance ISA?

What does the disclosure of investment charges mean under Mifid II?

Think big this Valentine’s Day

Love yourself, love your finances

Attention! UK citizens working overseas

News from Germany

Hospital admissions for stress and anxiety soar among office workers

Advice to Expatriates

Changes to Dutch employee benefit legislation - 2019

Pension drawdown in an era of long life expectancies

The best hotels to book for your spring getaway

How can millennials get on the property ladder?

Things look set to change post-Brexit for those owning a property or living in Spain

What small businesses need to be aware of in order to avoid onerous tax bills.

How will equity release affect my family?


Could your business be claiming more tax relief?

What do ESG and impact investing mean for investors?

Returnships: The hiring programmes helping mums return to work

Post-GDPR: What you may have noticed

3 pension changes you may have missed in the Budget

4 ways to live a happy retirement

How will AI change your interactions with your accountant?

What to consider before buying health insurance

The Quirky Investor’s Guide: Wine

Quarterly Newsletter - November 2018 - Paul Beard Introduction

Employee Benefit update Netherlands

A German View on Germany in the World

Alexander Beard - Service to British Expats

What triggers the money purchase annual allowance (MPAA)?

Flexible ISA rules

Protecting Your Income Abroad

Aretha Franklin: The ‘Queen of Soul’ who died without making a will

5 steps to make sure you’re not losing out by shunning annuity guarantees

The top 4 places to buy a home abroad in 2018

Kids off to Uni? Congratulations – but have you been saving enough?

In business? Why now is not the time to pull up the drawbridge

Should the Bank of Mum and Dad start charging interest?

What might be in the Autumn Budget?

The Medicis: the banking family at the heart of the renaissance

The Quirky Investor’s Guide: Classic Cars

4 key ways to prevent your grown-up children derailing your retirement savings

The rise of ‘staycation’ buy-to-lets

3 financial fears this Halloween and how to overcome them

VAT in ‘no deal’ Britain

4 top tips to protect yourself against pension scammers

3 out of 4 UK businesses are burdened by compliance

Funding care home costs with a care home ISA

Is recent instability a cause for alarm for emerging market investors?

Alexander Beard Group branch out into Lloyd’s broking market

Interest rate rise: What does this mean?

Do androids dream of income tax?

What does the US trade war with China mean for the rest of the world?

UK properties slower to sell than a year ago

Can we make inheritance tax simpler?

What is Making Tax Digital (MTD)?

Can a lack of knowledge of tax rules ever save you?

A universal pension lesson: Start saving as early as you can

5 steps to becoming a millionaire

Why the experts say people need financial advisers

Quarterly Newsletter - July 2018 - Paul Beard Introduction

Germany: Old-Age & Disability Provision

Childcare Vouchers closed to new entrants from 4th October 2018

Should I be paying National Insurance as a UK Expat?

Brexit: Deal or No Deal?

Small change to small fortune – how car boot sales can prove lucrative

Is the bank of Mum and Dad ‘feeling the pinch’?

5 top travel tips to make your holiday easier

Are mini-bonds a good alternative to savings?

Can I use equity release to pay for care?

Are you keeping track of your pension pot?

What makes seeing a financial adviser like having an MOT?

Is buying a state pension top-up worthwhile?

Why it pays to retire early

Cutting through the noise – how does a financial adviser help?

Could you be eligible for a power of attorney fee refund?

The financial advantages of saying ‘I do’

What will leaving the Customs Union mean for my business?

A cautionary tale: the Lazio case demonstrates who cyber criminals are targeting

Which factors are contributing to economic growth being so poor?

Record numbers make the most of pension freedoms

How the gender gap hits women’s retirement savings as well as pay

Be aware: HMRC payroll investigations on the rise

What is the tapered annual allowance and how could it affect you?

What is pound cost averaging?

The upsides and downsides of downsizing

Google’s £50m tax bill and what it signals for digital firms

Pension drawdown - Video

What does GDPR mean and how does it affect me?

Employee Benefit update Netherlands

An Economic Perspective – Are Australian streets still paved in gold?

Employee Benefit update Netherlands

D-Day Imminent for GDPR

World pension ages on the rise: when will you retire?

Taxation of Buy To Lets

Quarterly Newsletter - April 2018 - Paul Beard Introduction

Is your family financially vulnerable?

Retirees embracing social, mobile and tablet

Talking about your will – don’t be one of the 93%

HMRC reveal the UK’s tax landscape

Children caring for parents and the impact on everyone’s wealth

Taxes set to rise for baby boomer generation?

Will the cold calling ban be enough to stop Pension Fraud?

Emerging markets: looking back on 2017 and forward on 2018

Four things to look out for in the new tax year

Time in the market, not timing the markets

4 tips for keeping your books in order in 2018

What is the pensions advice exemption?

Help to Buy ISA – how have they done?

News from our French Colleagues

The topics you need to be talking about with your parents

Hints that interest rates could rise

Who owns your bank?

Carillion highlights the issue of pension deficit

5 key financial changes to watch out for in 2018

How to avoid HMRC scam emails and phone calls

Where did house prices increase and decrease the fastest in the UK in 2017?

Property scam – a cautionary tale

Millennials on target to enjoy inheritance boom but not until they’re 61

4 saving habits of millionaires

Great Expectations – Recent Stock Market Turmoil

What will be the impact of the Brexit divorce bill?

How can you tell if your accountant is embracing the future?

The VAT threshold and the issues it causes

How has auto-enrolment changed saving habits?

Changes 2018 in employee benefit legislation

Capitalism, Politics and Horror Movies

Update from our Germany Office

News and Views from our UK EB team:

Quarterly Newsletter - January 2018 - Paul Beard Introduction

One for the kids? – If they’re saving for a home, check they’re making the most of the Lifetime ISA

What does the future hold for the Apprenticeship Service?

5 Financial Goals for the New Year

January Market Commentary

Using the pension freedoms? How to make sure you don’t run out of money in 16 years.

Planning ahead for Christmas…

How will AI change your interactions with your accountant?

UK government to toughen stance against online VAT fraud

Millennials leading the way in saving for retirement

Power of Attorney – the case for and against

Unique solution for your international travelling work force for 2018!

4 top tips to make your retirement savings last

How to track down a ‘zombie’ Child Trust Fund

Germany – News on Employee Benefits

Half of Britons expect young to be worse off than parents

Too late to start saving?

Three lessons about retirement from those who have already retired

Millions may miss out on pension pay out

Accounting and Brexit: where now?

5 tips for reducing debtors

Expat Services Role

What will the new Finance Bill contain?

What impact will an interest rate rise have on young homebuyers’ mortgage bills?

Quarterly Newsletter – Autumn 2017

Perspectives on Active and Passive

Tax-Efficient Retirement Account (USA)

Death in Service and the Lifetime Allowance

The US Stock Market

Quarter 3: Update from our Netherlands Office

Offset - Why is it no longer fashionable?

How long would your savings last?

Could buying a home be the worst financial decision you’ll ever make?

Free password managers: what’s available and how they compare

How to combine work/life balance, job satisfaction and retirement

Alexander Beard Group - 30th Anniversary Party

The case for inheritance tax – for and against

Don’t get caught out by the lifetime allowance rule change

The upsides and downsides of downsizing

Do you know how much your pension pot is worth?

Germany Update - September 2017

Netherlands Update - September 2017

Update on state pensions: essential reading for the under 50s

People who get financial advice are £40k better off

Could the Buy-to-Let tax changes be the next pension crisis?

Save at least 11% of your income for retirement!

Time, not material goods, raises happiness

Britons with second home in Paris could face a steep council tax rise

VAT – the option to tax or not to tax?

Rise reported for top fixed-rate cash ISAs


Average price for first home reaches record high

Raising retirement age will not fill the ‘black hole’

How long would your savings last?

What is the skills shortage costing British business?

Will interest rates ever rise?

Planning for the best time of your life

Putting the glamour back into air travel!

How much should you really be saving for retirement?

4 top tips on what to do in the first 30 days of your retirement

Insurance premiums set to rise due to tax change

The U.S. Health Care System

Interest Rates and Inflation – a delicate recipe

Prince, Bob Marley, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Pablo Picasso…. What do they all have in common?

Is uncertainty becoming the new norm?

Dutch Pension plans – Changes for 2018

3 key considerations to ensure a surviving spouse is looked after

Why retirement is worrying millennials and what steps they are taking

Falling house prices in the UK for the third month in a row

What does the current political climate mean for your savings and investments?

What’s happening with DB pension schemes?

‘Alternative investments’: from children’s books to memorabilia

The financial pros and cons of self-employment

How will your spending habits change in retirement?

Should we be paid to exercise at work?

Top tips for retiring successfully

The Consensus View

What will the ‘hole in the wall’ of the future look like?

Bill to the Bank of Mum and Dad could reach £6.5bn

How to pass on ISAs after you’re gone

Travel insurance: what to look for in a good policy

Where is the property market hottest in the current climate?

The new Lifetime ISA is here: the pros and cons

Pension Savings: a quick recap on your options

The humble £1 coin 34 years on – what it could have made you


What is rising inflation doing to your savings?

How will your spending habits change in retirement?

If we are all going to have to work longer, what do you need to consider?

An extra year before Making Tax Digital becomes law

What does the 25% charge on QROPS transfers mean for your dream to move abroad?

Employee Benefits Update

Employee Benefits Update (Dutch Version)

UK Pension Rules

Investing in a New US Climate

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new International Savings Plan

Will the first online-only savings bond mean savers will miss out?

Is the probate fee rise the ‘new inheritance tax’?

What do the changes in business rates mean for you?

Women face gender gap in pension contributions as well as pay gap

Healthcare in the Netherlands (Video)

What financial wellbeing means for your health

What is the ‘real rate of inflation’?


4 great ways to make your money go further

Should I transfer out of my final salary pension scheme?

Which is best? Save or invest?

Why it could make sense to switch banks

4 steps to keeping track of your pension

What could be the best way to provide for your grandchildren?

House prices to slump in 2017?

Are tax bills set to rise?

LISA warnings highlight the need to make sure your investments are suitable

What will the new government-backed savings bond mean for savers?

4 things to do before the end of the tax year


What does the future hold for the triple lock?

State pension age may rise to 70

Happy New Year to everyone!

3 new year’s resolutions for your finances (that you can actually keep) in 2017

LISA warnings highlight the need to make sure your investments are suitable

The post-Brexit period

31% of Britons have given up saving

UK to lose out this Christmas in VAT

Already ? Surely Not!

Remember this?: “RBS advised clients to brace for a ‘cataclysmic year’ ” (Telegraph 11 January 2016)*

Changes 2017 in employee benefit legislation

Good news from the other side of the channel:

Tapered Annual Allowance

Slow start to housing market predicted for 2017

ERNIE turns 60!

Developments in Germany

1 in 10 people not saving anywhere near enough for retirement

US election – the outcome and implications for the UK economy

Defined benefit pension transfer: is it worth it?

Taking out a mortgage when retired: what happens if you end up in care?


It’s proving popular to cash in smaller amounts from pensions

Millions have less than £100 in savings

The ‘cost of dying’ is now racing ahead of the rate of inflation

Savings ‘Moments of Truth’

When’s the best time to do your Christmas shopping?

The next generation’s need for planning may be even greater than our own

How’s global growth doing?

New lifetime allowance could hit more than just ‘pension millionaires’


It’s not just the UK facing a steadily increasing retirement age…

Three lessons about retirement from those who have already retired

Would you be happy renting in retirement?

Our Ever Changing World

Eerste wijzigingen zorgpremies 2017 bekend

Update Health Insurances


The scammers won’t go away, so be careful out there!

Where now for interest rates after Brexit?

Despite consistent positive savings messages, many are still struggling to save for the future

“Brexit means Brexit.” But what does that really mean?

Online pensions dashboard getting closer

Is working part of your retirement plan?

Earning over £150,000? You need to review your pension. Here’s why.

Update: the knock on effect of the interest rate cuts

Alexander Beard Group - Press Release

Brexit: Keep Calm and Seize the Opportunities

Understanding pensions – what is drawdown?

This summer’s market trends insight - from Investec

I have money in property, what should I do post-Brexit?

The value of mortgage advice

Retiring in England? Here are the top destinations

Negative interest rates and how they might affect your finances

Travel insurance: what to look for in a good policy

‘Alternative investments’: from children’s books to memorabilia

How will your spending habits change in retirement?

The London bubble: capital pays a third of UK tax

The next squeeze on your finances: term time holiday fines!

Inheritance tax: the recent changes you need to know about as you plan

Gender pay gap reporting is coming in October – what do you need to know?


A stark warning for pensioners in The Telegraph

Downsizing, retirement and proper planning

NGO Reach Out

International Medical Cover In Our Changing World

Changes from January 1st 2017 in the Netherlands

Do you know your partner’s bank balance?

What is pension salary sacrifice and can you still do it?

The widening gap between the lifespans of rich and poor people

Financial face-off: men vs. women!

Three small lifestyle changes that can mean big savings

5 tips for reducing debtors

The ‘money-gap’ generation

Which benefits do employees value the most?

Don’t worry: there will be no stamp duty rise on your ‘granny flat’ after all

Alexander Beard Group’s EU Referendum summary and viewpoint

2016’s Top Summer Holiday Destinations

Brexit the Movie...

The new state pension and how it will affect you

Don’t Worry, Be App-y: three great money-saving apps for your smartphone

The financial implications of Trump vs. Clinton

The unexpected financial influence of “The Bank of Mum and Dad”

Help To Buy vs Lifetime: Which ISA is best?

May’s Brexit update

The enigma of Premium Bonds


Four new laws and how they’ll change the way you live

Tax cuts now, payback later – what will the Budget of 2019 look like?

Retirement plans on hold for many over 50s

Wealth? Fame? Working hard? New research reveals what really makes us happy.

Four European destinations to make your pension go further

How Andrew Moore creates his portfolios

When was the last time your friends and family reviewed their pension?

Pension Freedoms: the first twelve months in numbers

Health Care….. “Our children are able to start College, what are our options”?

What's new in the new tax year?

News and info from our Dutch office

P2P Lending online

Investment Portfolios and the EU Membership Referendum

The ‘Brexit’ impact on your pension

What is diversification?

Squeeze on property market starting to slow London boom?

The Lifetime ISA: What you need to know

Scale tipped in favour of small firms?

How long before pension tax relief fills the ‘Black Hole’?

Tax cuts now, payback later – what will the Budget of 2019 look like?

A miserable turnaround in the fixed bond savings market

Will we get a fairer state pension deal for women?

Davos 2016: what you might have missed

Three ways accelerated tax payments are likely to affect you

Retirement ‘class of 2016’ owe less than last year’s

CML urges restraint on Stamp Duty proposals

Four key things to do before the end of the tax year

Could changes in pension tax relief spell the end of the pension itself?

No Sign of Recession in the Data

Brits resident in the USA – QROPS pensions

GBP/USD Update

To Brexit or not to Brexit? – that is the question

Basic Bank Accounts Become ‘Fee-Free’

The new decluttering craze. Could it apply to your office… or your finances?

Will we get a fairer state pension deal for women?

Early Budget teasers, as the Prime Minister lays out plans for ‘an all-out assault on poverty’

More debate on care costs, as four out of ten say they would deplete wealth to avoid paying

Pension tax changes: Should you pay more before relief rates are curtailed?

February Market Commentary

Seven suggestions made to the government during the consultation on pension taxation

Stormy Markets


Wijzigingen 2016 in werknemersvoorzieningen

Changes 2016 in employee benefit legislation

7 Reasons why you should review your Pension’s in 2016

The Old Year

10 ways to save money in 2016

Stamp Duty Hike

A timely reminder about the importance of making a will, from Lesley Stevens

ISA Contributions

Quarterly Newsletter - January 2016

Should I leave my investments, assets and pensions in the UK, or liquidise and move them to the US?

Asset Allocation and Trivial Pursuits

Video: FATCA explained for Brits in the US

The Pensions Regulator takes action on non-compliance

The Impact of Means Testing for the Cost of Care

Millions given freedom over their pension as government outlines new secondary annuity market

Teaching your children about money in family life

What is a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)?

George Osborne uses Autumn Statement to spell out clear policy messages

The Autumn Statement 2015 Overview

Tapering Annual Allowance and Pension Input Periods

November Market Commentary

Autumn Statement 2015 – 9 points to note

Car sharing deserves better tax incentives

Money trumps health as top retirement concern

Have you stranded your pension in Malta?

Keeping your money safe by avoiding identity theft

State Pension changes in 2016 – can I top up my pension?

Is university a good investment? Just how much does it cost to study at a UK university?

When should you keep faith with an underperforming active fund?

What is the difference between active funds and passive funds?

October Market Commentary

Video: Struggling to move your pension to the USA? We have the answer!

Pension Death Benefits - The New Rules

Path Sensitivity in Investing

First premium levels 2016 Dutch Healthcare system published.

$ 600 Fine? ......... Don't be caught out!

What not to forget when leaving the UK

Are Company Strategic Reports helpfully forward-looking for investors?

Devon tops the table for pensioner well-being

Wedding costs challenge the marital bliss of guests, as well as bride and groom

The EU Referendum is on the horizon. What impact might it have on UK SMEs?

Should we scrap tax reliefs on pensions and create a lifetime ISA for all?

Eerste wijzigingen zorgpremies 2016 bekend

The Chinese is Stock Market is Growing Up Painfully

Quarterly Newsletter - October 2015

Finding Funding for SME start-ups

Will dividend tax keep rising?

What’s really on the bucket list of the UK over 55s?

Emigrating to New York? Top Four Considerations for Brits

Cheaper holidays and breaks in the Eurozone?

The Dash

Personal savings shortfall? The state pension may not be the answer to bridging it.

Money is more worrying than Health to over-50s

Tax Relief changes for individuals who are landlords

September Market Commentary

Should your Junior ISA be in Cash or Stocks and Shares?

Currency update from TorFX

Changes to AMVEST Adviser charging

Interest rate warning from our in-house mortgage expert Mike Shakespeare

UK Non Resident ? UK Home Owner? This could affect you !!

An overview of the Changes in Dutch Labour Law in 2015

Quarterly Newsletter - August 2015

Strong investment demand for retail warehouses continues

Budget ‘Tax Raid’ on Dividends and Investment Income

How the Summer Budget changed the landscape for SMEs

Budget 2015: Are taxpayers really winners?

Alexander Beard - StaffChoice Video Guide

Currency exchange and more to help with your move to the US

The Summer Budget implications for ‘Buy-to-Let’ housing

What is the New State Pension?

Infographic: What could you buy with the average UK pension pot?

August Market Commentary

Planning around the retirement threshold

Sun, sea, sand… and savings: Money tips for the summer months

Discriminatory expat state pensions

Connected rather than protected?

July Market Commentary

Latest ‘Retirement Readiness’ report shows the UK still has a major savings problem

The dash for ‘pension freedom’ retirement cash slows down

New tax threat to those moving a pension abroad


Watch out for online Pensioner Bond fraudsters

Early working life? It pays to get into pension saving now!

Planning for a better financial future in retirement

What did the Budget 2015 change for ISAs?

Second 2015 Budget Announced for 8th July

60 is the new 40!

Alexander Beard Group participate in the People-in-Aid Humanitarian HR Europe 2015 conference

New civil penalties announced for those who facilitate tax avoidance

Busy Brits regret rushing decisions

The new ‘Google tax’ and what it means for business

Consumer Frustration with Financial Application Processes

New Steps for Regulating the UK Banking Sector from the FCA

Pensions and ISAs compared – how can you decide which is best?

UK and Cross Border Pension Sharing service

Quarterly Newsletter – May 2015

Lesley Stevens - Quarterly Newsletter (May 2015)

FATCA and a warning to Brits in the US

US Dollar (USD) Exchange Rate Outlook – Is the Tide Turning for the ‘Buck’?

Market Commentary from Guy Baker

Protecting your savings: Pull up the drawbridge and drop the portcullis!

The Impact of Automatic Enrolment

With Pension Reform come Pension Pot Scams!

How good is the prospect of retirement security in the UK?

Planning a business exit: Eight ways to maximise value and attract buyers

US nationals in the UK: We can help you to plan for FATCA

5 Key Concerns for Retirees

Ten questions to ask yourself about the new pension freedoms

Investment Funds – Active Versus Passive Management

Video: Looking ahead to the 2015 Budget

“Short-term fixed mortgage rates continue to fall as price war goes on”

Quick tips on financial planning for thirty-something professionals

The Greek Election: The 10 Key Questions Answered

2015 Budget Preview

Top 10 Findings from the Purple Book of Pension Scheme Assessment

Changes in how the FCA will work revealed

CML welcomes stamp duty reform

British Expats in USA – Do you still have any financial assets in the UK?

10 New Year’s Resolutions for your Financial Planning

The top ten economic risks for investors in 2015, according to HSBC

Gender gap in pension savings narrow, as women benefit from Workplace Pension changes

The new ISA allowances (UK clients only) – Nigel Benn Managing Partner Alexander Beard Wealth LLP

Quarterly Newsletter - January 2015

American Citizenship figures reflect looming FATCA influence for those with no tax plan

Alexander Beard International Benefits Division announces merger with Bogaard Pensioen Consultancy BV to form new company

New home permissions are back to 2008 level

Two weeks on: the other outcomes from the Autumn Statement

Video: How to find the best mortgage for you

Christmas Shoppers leave it later than ever in important year for high street and online economies

The importance of understanding investment risk in financial planning

Homes worth £3 million or more to be hit hardest by proposed ‘Mansion Tax’

Pensions in 2015: a brief update on what to look out for

Stock Market Falls – October 2014

Don’t wait for a rate rise before you take action

House purchase lending in August down 3% on July

One in three of us plan to use the markets in retirement

Video: What happens to my pension when I die?

Pension planning for Brits in the US – QROPS vs UK pensions.

New tax threat for UK expats

Expat pensioners cash in as pound value soars

Alexander Beard to co-host series of seminars across the U.S.

Infographic: The facts about FATCA

UK tax regime attracts business takeovers from abroad

The changing mortgage interest rate future

House buyers count the cost of quick viewings

A Guide for Grandparents: helping your Grandchildren with their finances

Announcing the Complete Property Investment

Video: Explaining Inheritance Tax

Managing Your Portfolio

Who’s coming to the UK, who’s going, and why?

Pension changes won’t prevent interest only mortgage crisis

British Expats in USA and the 2015 Pension Changes

The Rise of the Pensioner Millionaires

New flexible pensions: why we will not be spending them all at once…

Things to do before moving abroad

Research reveals nation’s favourite retirement destinations

Peer-to-peer Lending and Crowdfunding: nothing ventured, nothing gained… but how risky are they?

Infographic: Financial Planning Infographic

10 Financial tweeters to follow

Guide: 8 Key Steps of Financial Planning

9 Financial blogs to further your knowledge of finance

7 Alternatives to using pensions to save for retirement

What is FATCA, how can it impact British nationals in the US and what should you do about it?

Will the new mortgage rules affect what can be borrowed?

Why aren’t we re-mortgaging?

Our Guide to NISAs

Video: Big changes are coming to your pension

Will you be affected by FATCA?

Top 5 financial questions to ask before moving abroad

The Savings and Income Protection picture across the UK: worrying statistics emerge

Scottish Independence: What would it mean for business and your investments?

Save now to avoid becoming an eBaby Boomer?

5 Tips to help your money go further abroad

The dangers of using QROPS for US residents and FATCA reporting

Thank you for attending our emigration seminars

ISAs: Now much NISA

Why Directors and Business Owners Fail to Plan their Retirement

What to do with your UK pensions when you move to the US

A series of events for advisers to learn how to help clients who are moving abroad

The 8 most important points from the 2014 Budget

What is Auto Enrolment?

Paul Beard - Interview with International Adviser

Understanding QROPS in five easy steps

Budget 2014 Overview

... A New Year Begins

Another Year Ends...

The Retail Distribution Review

USA reflections - by Paul Beard (Executive Chairman and Founder)

Where do we go from here? Greece, the Eurozone and the future of the British Economy

Does the right hand talk to the left hand in government?

Welcome to our new blog!