Changes 2018 in employee benefit legislation

by Alexander Beard, on Jan 24, 2018 11:54:14 AM

Every year several figures for pension plans in the Netherlands are updated. Please find the most important changes below.


Pension system

Minimum required offset 2017 Minimum required offset 2018
Final Pay € 14.850 € 15.099
Average Pay € 13.123 € 13.334
Defined Contribution € 13.123 € 13.334


The offset has to be taken into account because of the social state pension that all citizens of the Netherlands receive.

Maximum pensionable salary
The maximum allowed pensionable salary will be increased from € 103.317 to € 105.075.

State Benefit pension (AOW) age
The State Benefit is paid out to all citizens in the Netherlands. The total amount received depends on the number of years lived in the Netherlands and whether the person is single or living together with a partner. As per January 2013 the retirement age for the state pension (AOW) has increased and will continue to be increased in future years. In addition, the age threshold for all other social benefits has increased to the same level as the new AOW age.

The threshold has changed to 66 years months effective from 01-01-2018.

Corporate pension age
The pension age for pension plans will be increased to 68 years starting 01-01-2018. This means the maximum accrual rates will be lowered per the same date..

In 2018 the mandatory deductible remains 385 euro. The mandatory deductible does not apply to obstetric and maternity care and costs that are made at the general practitioner.

No large adjustments have been carried through on the coverage of the basic package, although the average premium increase is € 25,- per year for the basic insurance.

More and more people choose to only take out basic insurance. Additional Insurances, which cover for example dental and physiotherapy, become less popular.


Sick Pay
Currently in the Netherlands, employers have a sick pay obligation of 2 years.
The new Government has agreed to come with a plan to change this sick pay obligation from 2 years to 1 year. So far however no actual legislation has been prepared for this change. We expect this might take a few year, as the market is divided whether this would be a good solution.

Bram Bogaard
Managing Director: Europe - AB International Benefits B.V