First premium levels 2016 Dutch Healthcare system published.

by Alexander Beard, on Oct 20, 2015 10:26:51 AM

uTDlMJlu_9_pVSyoVg2On September 15th, the Dutch Government has published its spending plans for 2016. Also this year there are adjustments made to the level of the mandatory deductible and the package that is covered trough the basic coverage.

Mandatory deductible (own risk)
In 2016 the mandatory deductible is increased with 10 euro to 385 euro. This means that the insured has to pay the first 385 euro of medical expenses such as specialist care and medicines, himself. The mandatory deductible does not apply to obstetric and maternity care and costs that are made at the general practitioner.

Aside from the mandatory deductible insured can choose for a voluntary deductible in addition to the mandatory deductible. The higher the voluntary deductible, the lower the monthly premium. In 2015 12% of the insured people above 18 years old have chosen to take out the extra voluntary deductible, from which 2/3 has chosen to use the maximum additional extra voluntary deductible of 500 euro.

Basic package coverage
No large adjustments are to be expected on the coverage of the basic package

Income-dependent Zvw-contribution
The employer premium will decrease in 2016 with 0,2% to 6,75%. This amount is calculated on the maximum wage for contribution purposes.

Premium level basic and additional insurances 2016
Dutch Health insurance company DSW, traditionally the first to announce the price of a basic policy for the following year, is raising its premiums by 45 euro in 2016.

With an increase of 3,75 euro per month, DSW is well below the government’s estimate of an average 7 euro rise for 2016. In the coming months the other health insurance companies in the Netherlands will communicate their 2016 premiums.

Renewal process
If you have taken out a collective Health plan with our office, we will automatically inform you about the renewal process by the end of October.

If you need assistance with setting up a collective health plan for your employees, please contact us!

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Bram Bogaard
Managing Director - Europe