Healthcare in the Netherlands (Video)

by Alexander Beard, on Apr 10, 2017 10:13:41 AM

The requirements of the Dutch Health care system can be challenging for those coming to work or live in the Netherlands.

The (Basic) Health Insurance is an insurance that is compulsory for all residents of the Netherlands. The health insurance covers necessary curative healthcare. The basic health insurance is subject to a duty to insure and a duty to accept: all residents of the Netherlands are under a statutory duty to take out insurance, and insurers are under a statutory duty to accept everyone for the basic health insurance. The government determines the contents of the basic cover.

In addition to the basic health insurance, supplementary insurance policies can be taken out, for example for reimbursement of dental or physiotherapy treatments.

To assist those who come over to the Netherlands to work or live, we have created a video to explain the basics around the Dutch Health care, please click below to view this video -