International Medical Cover In Our Changing World

by Alexander Beard, on Jul 29, 2016 10:05:22 AM

I0kMSFz9_15_PA9lemP6According  to personal security experts “red24”, last year, 4 out of 5 business travellers went to medium, high or extreme risk destinations, yet just 46% of employees worked for firms with any formalised travel security policy.

With recent events in France, Germany and Belgium still fresh in our minds, at Alexander Beard, we are aware that personal security support is becoming as relevant in Europe as in the world’s well known high risk destinations.

Business travellers and expats working abroad now need to ask ever more difficult questions;

  1. Will my policy cover me in the event of a terrorist attack?
  2. What happens if I am injured whilst abroad?
  3. What can you offer to protect me in advance by way of security briefings, so potential problems can perhaps be avoided?

We believe at Alexander Beard we are ahead of the curve with the new worldwide security reality as we offer a comprehensive range of international private medical insurers and options .

Check exclusion locations but cover can be available for;

  1. Passive war zones.
  2. Evacuation in the event of a terror attack.
  3. Access to 24/7 business critical country intelligence and security analysis. This includes practical advice on day to day personal security, daily security and medical updates and travel alerts, all delivered via a simple to use web portal.

Of course the premium may be slightly more but the cost of not having the right cover can be devastatingly high.

Take the example of a freelance journalist in Afghanistan. Whilst reporting on a military story, the group came under fire from Taliban forces. The journalist was shot twice in the chest during the action, but was stabilized on the spot by the US medical forces he was travelling with. Luckily, he was able to be evacuated out, where his condition was treated and he made a good recovery. The total cost for the military flight and the surgery eventually totalled $35,533.66. Fortunately he had adequate and appropriate cover.

Please do take some time to review your existing cover or contact for further information.