New Job, New Contract, New Location.

by Alexander Beard, on Aug 14, 2019 12:26:29 PM

As the new academic year approaches many globally mobile teachers are spending a very hectic summer on the move.

Apart from visiting family and friends back in home countries, relocating to start a new job in a new country makes for a whirlwind time.

As soon as calmness prevails, possibly before the start of term, it may be a good idea to revisit your employee benefits included in your new contract.

Not the most exciting chore but an important one.

The 3 suggested main areas to check out are;

  • Health Cover. (Whilst you are working or travelling)
  • Life & Accident/Illness Cover. (Is any provided? Is it adequate? if not, are you happy with any existing protection you have in place?)
  • Retirement Provision. (Is there any employer contribution to help fill the gap whilst out of your home country schemes. If not, are you aware of your options?)

If you are not sure of your benefits or feel they may be inadequate there can be cost effective, easy solutions even whilst you are overseas.

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Lesley Stevens
Client Services Director - International Education and NGO

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