News and Views from our UK EB team:

by Alexander Beard, on Jan 24, 2018 6:53:42 AM

  • An interesting development in 2017 was that more and more of our clients are looking at additional ‘value added’ staff benefits; Halfords Cycle2Work and Kiddicare Vouchers, for example, are becoming increasingly popular.
  •  International medical insurance for companies who have travelling executives is also becoming a more popular request and we now have a very attractive proposition to offer.
  • The NHS have announced that routine operations could be rationed, due to the growing cash crisis. This meaning routine operations like hernia, knee or hip replacements are to be shunted down the priority list in favour of protecting the mental health and cancer benefits that are offered. This highlights the ever-growing need and demand for private medical insurance in the current climate here in the UK.
  • NHS patients will now be asked to prove their eligibility to receive state-funded medical treatment under new plans designed to curb medical tourism and save the health service much needed funds. Going forward, medical staff will routinely ask patients for utility bills, bank statements and proof of employment in an attempt to identify who should be paying for treatment. Migrants and visitors to the UK will be charged upfront for the cost of their treatment (currently set at 150% of the cost to providers), as the health service looks to combat the £2 billion lost every year to so-called “health tourists” Ministers said the changes were necessary to safeguard “a cherished national institution that is paid for by British taxpayers”.
  • The amount of business and holidaymakers travelling without the appropriate level of insurance cover continues to perplex the industry here in the UK for. According to the research by flight comparison company Jetcost, just two thirds of British holidaymakers and Business travellers have insurance for all of their trips abroad. Of the third who don’t, almost half (47%) said they felt it wasn’t needed every time they went away, while 28% said they never get cover for short trips that only last a few nights. Does anyone know when injury, accident or illness strike, we think not!
  • Finally, we welcome Sophie Scullion to the EB head office admin team from 8th January.

Matthew Hall

Client Services Manager

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