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by Alexander Beard, on Mar 13, 2018 6:15:59 AM

Bonjour everyone at ABG

We have quite a fair bit of news from Lyon on staff and clients.

Sadly after 3 years working with us Sofia has decided to leave and pursue another career; she was very involved in the launch of ABG. We are very thankful for her work and wish her the best for her future. We will have someone in place mid-April to overtake her duties.

As some of you are well aware 2017 saw a real ‘lift-off’ for our Employee benefit business and we had the usual challenges of employing suitably qualified staff to support this.

In May, and we secured our largest client to date from the USA - Datadog.

Marie-Laure who joined us early January. Marie-Laure who did a fantastic job helping to secure Datadog and to bed-in our other new clients: to date we now have:

  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Docker France
  • Datadog
  • Liftoff Mobile
  • Square Up
  • Mulesoft Inc.
  • Rimini Street
  • Mesosphere
  • Alteryx

We expect a significant increase in our workload in the coming months as, for example, Datadog hiring 5 new people a month and we have therefore increased the EB support staff with the employment of Romain Vitale, who joined us last week. Romain has a master degree in “protection sociale” and is being trained intensively by Marie-Laure.

As this is his first job, Romain will certainly need a few months to be fully operational. He is also starting this week lessons with our English teacher Andy to improve his ability to communicate with you and with our clients, though his level in the Shakespeare language is already very satisfactory.

Marie-Laure however has decided to leave at the end of the month. We fully respect her decision, are very thankful for this short but very profitable time at AB France and wish her all the best for her future.

Emmanuel Louro has accepted a position to reinforce our Employee Benefits division and will join us next Monday for a two weeks transition with Marie-Laure.

Emmanuel has a successful carrier in EB with different employers, including a 5 year stint at Allianz, and has specialized in accompanying corporate clients with their EB strategy.

On the financial planning side, after many frustrating months for him of compliance and paperwork resolving our €uVest product, Gilles has finally got up and running and has produced almost €3M of investment business in as many months. He has now relocated to the London office permanently but will still be representing both AB France and AB Wealth.

Best wishes or as we say in French, Bien Cordialement.









Nicolas Medan              Guillaume Hublot

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