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by Alexander Beard, on Jul 29, 2016 10:21:42 AM

Hello, Lesley from the Alexander Beard Group here. I am the group’s International Schools and Aid Agencies Director.

We are proud supporters and sponsors of both CHSAlliance and InsideNGO  who are the two foremost trade organisations and professional standards bodies for Charities and NGOs.

I’m pleased to say that our TCN Retirement Plan continues to gain momentum as the only fully endorsed plan.

We believe it’s popularity is based on several key components but our ability to create a bespoke plan to suit each individual organisation appears to be key.

I hope you enjoy our “NGO Reach Out”.

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Look forward to hearing from you.

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Lesley Stevens
Sales Director – Intl Schools & Aid Agencies

CHSAlliance  Annual HHR Europe 2016 Conference, Barcelona, Spain. As usual I found the conference topics diverse, interesting and hugely informative.

This year my focus was drawn to “The Duty of Care” element.

Spanning minimum legal requirements to optional added value, it is indeed an in depth complex issue.

The case studies highlighted some extremely emotional and tragic recent events.

Christine Williamson’s sessions were detailed and thought provoking.

I would encourage you to take a moment and visit her website for further information.

Christine’s website link is -

As mentioned, Duty of Care in any organisation is wide reaching.

In our experience we are now finding NGO employers are increasing focusing not only on the legalities but also on added benefits in order to bring parity to employment packages particularly through retirement provision.

As founder and executive Chairman Paul Beard voiced in the June edition of International Adviser following our expansion into France;

“Our international employee benefit division is the fastest growing of our four component parts and the decision to have a French offering in this context was driven largely by questions and requests from our existing international corporate client base”

We feel we are able to cut though the complexities of TCN retirement planning, address your concerns and offer a solution.

Link to TCN Retirement Plan