Paul Beard - Interview with International Adviser

by Alexander Beard, on Apr 8, 2014 2:09:34 PM

Please click on the following links to see Paul Beard's interview with International Adviser...

Part 1 
- Paul Beard, founder and chairman of the Alexander Beard Group, on the fastest growing international markets...
Alexander Beard Group’s Paul Beard explains where in the world his business is doing best and why he exited from the Isle of Man, Malaysia and Cyprus.

Part 2 
- The planning needs of British clients in America, and US citizens in the UK
Paul Beard on the demands of FATCA and how its employee benefits division has established a niche in advising the staff of American companies in the UK.

Part 3 
- The importance of QROPS, and advising schools and charities
Paul Beard on how QROP schemes form 75% of the business in its expat and emigration division, and the advice given to 45 international schools.

Thank you to International Adviser for allowing us to share these videos.

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