Quarterly Newsletter – Autumn 2017

by Alexander Beard, on Oct 24, 2017 12:27:27 PM

Welcome to our latest ’17 newsletter

I am delighted to begin this quarter’s newsletter by marking the 30th anniversary of the company. I opened the doors of Alexander Beard and Company Ltd., on the 12th October 1987; the following 7 days witnessed the effects of the first major hurricane in Britain and a few days later the global stock market crash that became known as Black Monday.

I survived and slowly but steadily grew the company into the group as it stands today. I am fortunate in having a wonderful bunch of people to work with; a business is never built by one person alone.

Turning to more sanguine matters; Brexit continues to dominate the news agenda and although everyone must be sick and tired of the constant media attention, it is vitally important that the politicians’ feet continue to be held to the fire so as to ensure that the best deal possible is secured for all parties; after all even though we are divorcing we have to continue to live together….and (pun absolutely intended) we must continue to secure the future for our children.

Whilst there is no doubt that uncertainty prevails, it doesn’t seem to have unduly affected world stock markets which remain buoyant, with the global economy remaining in extremely good health.

During the last month we have finally completed a project that began 4 years ago, the transition of our international retirement plan to a new trust, a new investment platform partner and a new range of investment portfolios. I would like to thank Hannah Chorley and her team at Head Office for the patience, perseverance and unfailing good humour with which they have handled this enormously difficult task.

In my last newsletter intro’ I predicted an imminent rise in interest rates, I’m still predicting this and will continue to do so until I am proved right……seriously though, the Governor of the Bank of England as good as said that next time round the Monetary Policy Committee will almost certainly agree to a rise; I predict 0.25%.

Finally we filed our 2016 report and accounts on the 29th September and they will shortly be available on our website for those of you who are interested; we remain profitable and financially stable with 2017 continuing to meet expectations and we look forward to completing a couple of deals in the next few months which will further fuel the growth of the business into 2018 and beyond.

Kind Regards

Paul Beard
Founder & Executive Chairman

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