Quarterly Newsletter - November 2019 - Paul Beard Introduction

by Paul Beard, on Nov 18, 2019 2:23:24 PM

Welcome to the Autumn /Winter edition of our Client newsletter.

November the 9th saw the start of the 50th season of the educational and rather liberal children’s series “Sesame Street”. It features a very diverse bunch of characters including a big yellow bird, a homeless grouch, a vampire, a cookie addict and many, many more besides.

It is almost as if the upcoming UK general election on 12 December is a homage to this ground-breaking educational program. We really do have a really diverse bunch of politicians who are making us think. For those familiar with the closing credits of Sesame Street, it also seems like the whole event is being sponsored by the letter “B”. We have Ballot Boxes, Brexit, Boris, Brussels and (for some) a B-eeline to Heathrow if Corbyn is elected prime minister……. !

Other than this, the prevailing and constant domination of the news and current affairs agenda, the economic position of the UK is stable, with third quarter growth at 0.3%, which whilst not spectacular, is steady, especially in such uncertain times; employment is high and real wage growth continues. In fact, right now, we have the most currently successful economy in Europe.

On a lighter note there was disappointment for all our Rugby Union fans in the World Cup final defeat to South Africa but there was no doubting that the best team won; our congratulations go out to them and all our South African colleagues.

Last week our MD in France, Nicolas Medan, returned from a week in Montreal and Toronto where he was a member of a French government trade delegation, looking at ways of improving trade between the two countries; the services and expertise of our employee benefits team were well received.

I would like to end this short intro’ this quarter by introducing our new Group Finance Director, Liz Evans, who joined us on November the 4th after a long and successful career with Iceland Foods. Liz will bring the experience of a larger company to our growing business and I know me and the whole Head Office team are excited to be working with her.

If you would like to view our Annual Report and Accounts please click here.

Best wishes

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