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by Alexander Beard, on May 13, 2019 10:08:24 AM

From 6 April 2019, minimum contributions from employers and staff increase. This applies to all employers with staff in a pension scheme for automatic enrolment. If you aren’t enrolled in …

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by Alexander Beard, on May 13, 2019 9:58:52 AM

The Spring Statement is an opportunity to hear the latest updates on the state of the UK economy and what to expect of its growth over the coming months and …

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by Alexander Beard, on May 10, 2019 11:37:49 AM

"Additional Savings are needed!" German State Pension Insurance has long-term history. Otto von Bismarck, the former Chancellor of the Deutsche Reich, started the system in 1889- 130 Years now running …

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by Alexander Beard, on Feb 25, 2019 5:43:26 AM

New data reveals that thousands of widows are missing out on valuable tax breaks on money inherited from their late husbands or wives. In 2015, the government introduced a new …

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by Alexander Beard, on Jan 29, 2019 6:42:09 AM

Corporation tax isn’t just the premise of large companies. All UK companies face a 19% tax on profits for the year 2018, including ‘small profit’ companies which make £300,000 or …

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by Alexander Beard, on Jan 29, 2019 6:38:08 AM

The choice of whether or not to release equity from your home ultimately rests with you. However, the decision will have wide reaching consequences for your family. It’s sensible, before …

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by Alexander Beard, on Dec 17, 2018 6:11:42 AM

Whatever your business, you might be eligible to claim more tax incentives than you currently do. Sometimes tax incentives are available on things you might consider to be mundane in …

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by Alexander Beard, on Dec 12, 2018 4:51:02 AM

There was scarcely a mention of the ‘P’ word in October’s Budget speech (believe us, we were listening closely for it!). Instead, Hammond used the Budget speech as an opportunity …

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by Alexander Beard, on Dec 12, 2018 4:45:27 AM

When you hear the words ‘artificial intelligence’, the first thing you think of is probably one of the many examples of computers and machines built to think, work and react …

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by Alexander Beard, on Nov 21, 2018 9:10:33 AM

30% Ruling The Dutch Government has announced that the ruling will be adjusted. The 30% ruling used to be valid for a period of 8 years, however the Dutch government …

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by Alexander Beard, on Nov 21, 2018 9:10:01 AM

Introduced on 6 April 2015, the MPAA is an allowance for those making pension contributions whilst also accessing pension benefits flexibly. It’s purpose is to restrict the extent to which …

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by Alexander Beard, on Nov 21, 2018 9:09:54 AM

A flexible ISA allows the saver to withdraw cash and replace it during the same tax year without reducing the current year’s allowance. They can also withdraw cash from previous …

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