Graham Bentley

M.D. - Graham Bentley Investment Intelligence Ltd

M.D. - Graham Bentley Investment Intelligence Ltd (t/a gbi2)

gbi2 is a specialist consultancy helping asset managers, intermediaries and distributors create investment propositions that customers want to buy, and delivered in a language they understand.

After 40 years in investment marketing Graham has seen enough of the good, bad and occasionally outrageous to believe his business can help the industry think and act very differently, to the ultimate benefit of investors and savers.

Notable achievements:

  • The first UK Corporate Bond fund in 1995 (M&G)
  • The first ‘critical yield’ risk assessment process 1998 (M&G)
  • The first UK Platform end-to-end investment process 2001 (Selestia)
  • The first calibrated risk-targeted fund range 2008 (Spectrum)

Graham is expert in Behavioural Finance and the psychology of investing. A former economics and stock Markets “guru” at, he is frequent contributor in Investment press, and TV. He has advised the Investment Association, and is on the FCA’s ‘round table’ discussing the recent Asset Management Market study.

He sits on a number of investment committees and advisory boards, notably the UK’s Distribution Technology, Ireland’s ITC and France’s Hilbert. He is also a non-executive director of Marlborough International.

An entertaining speaker, known for his ability to present complex subjects in an easy manner with a refreshing touch of irreverence. He lists his Interests as: “Playing stringed instruments, Cinema, skiing and being a father”


  • Skandia/Old Mutual Wealth - Head of Proposition
  • Selestia – Head of Investment Marketing
  • M&G - Investment Marketing Manager
  • Henderson – Director