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Alexander Beard Founder hails significant win in international retirement market…

Alexander Beard International Retirement Plan selected by The Dovetail Impact Foundation (formerly The David Weekley Family Foundation.) Following an in‐depth process and analysis, Dovetail Impact Foundation have selected Alexander Beard’s International Retirement Plan as their plan of choice, to assist their partners in delivering a retirement savings solution to their Third Country and Local Country National employees both in jurisdictions where there is no retirement plan infrastructure, or to supplement any locally mandated provision.

Dovetail has a portfolio of over 80 non-profit partners, and the plan is being offered to them as of Q1 2022. Alexander Beard has already seen significant interest from the portfolio, making it clear that providing long term, stable retirement savings is a high priority for many across the non-profit sector.

Katie Macc, Investment Director at Dovetail Impact Foundation, comments:

“We have selected Alexander Beard’s plan because of their outstanding experience in the non‐profit sector, compelling value proposition, flexibility, and innovation. We want this plan to grow significantly and be sustainable over the long term, and we look forward to working with Alexander Beard for the benefit of our non-profit partners.”

Paul Beard, Founder and Executive Chairman of Alexander Beard, comments:

“We are delighted that our long‐standing expertise and reputation in the international NGO marketplace has been recognised by the recommendation from MBWL to Dovetail to select our International Retirement Plan. We very much look forward to working together over the long term.”

Editors Notes:

The Alexander Beard International Retirement Plan has been running for 15 years and has many of the sector’s largest and most respected names as clients delivering retirement savings to over 2,500 members.

For more information contact Lesley Stevens:


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