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International Student Health Care Insurance

Although foreign travel and study have been extremely challenging in 2020 many schools, colleges and universities are now looking to offer face to face learning again as soon as possible in 2021.

International higher-level education has never been more popular, with more than 5 million students pursuing university-level courses outside of their home country.

The Student International Health Plan is designed for students of any nationality living, working or studying outside of their home country as part of their college or university course.

For those unlucky enough to fall ill or have an accident which requires medical assistance, international private medical insurance helps by providing essential support and care speedily.

The plan accepts 18 year olds – 40 year olds, however younger students who board have their own specific plan which offers the same cover.

For further information and peace of mind please contact Lesley Stevens Client Services Director - International Education and NGO


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