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Quarterly Newsletter - May 2022

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Hi Everyone

Since our last newsletter, the world has seemingly turned on its head.

Clearly the most concerning development is the war in Ukraine and there can’t be many sane people who don’t wish the Ukrainians well, in their struggle for freedom and independence. I am proud of all my colleagues in our offices around the globe, who gave up some of their March salary to make a collective donation to the Ukrainian Humanitarian appeal, which the company matched.

As Britain returns to normal after Covid, we have implemented a hybrid working model. To be kept under review, for our staff to work from home 3 days per week and we’ll see how that ‘pans out’.

I am sure that I don’t need to highlight to any of you that we are in for a sustained period of inflation and higher interest rates; in specific relations to the latter ‘threat’, one of the ways we may be able to help manage budgets is for people who have fixed rate/fixed term mortgages coming to an end, to be able to offer a full market review of what’s available, helping obtain the most favourable deal.

Best wishes

Paul D Beard

Founder and Executive Chairman


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