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Quarterly Newsletter - May 2023

Updated: May 25, 2023

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our 2nd client newsletter of the year.

The world continues to be beset by politically driven problems, which are suppressing the growth of most major economies, but there are signs of life with inflation, whilst too high for anyone’s comfort, is slowly coming under control and I believe we will see interest rates flattening if not falling over the next two quarters.

On a more personal note, at the end of June, the UK wealth management business bids farewell to Nigel Benn, who joined the company 22 years ago, initially to manage our client base of professional footballers, managers and coaches in Yorkshire. He subsequently founded and built our branch in Yorkshire, joined the Board of the Group and became a Partner in our UK wealth management business.

It is difficult to easily summarise 22 years working with someone you like and respect, so all I can say is that’s it's been a personal and professional privilege. I wish Nigel and Marion a long and happy retirement; we will all miss him tremendously.

Best wishes

Paul Beard

Founder and Executive Chairman


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