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Quarterly Newsletter - September 2021

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Hi Everyone

I am pleased to report that our UK offices reopened fully from the 1st of September.

It would be pointless to comment further on the ramifications of the pandemic and the difficulties (and tragedies) that many people have faced during the last 18 months; I couldn’t add anything of value to the acres of comment and opinion that has dominated the world news, but suffice to say that I am immensely grateful for the way my colleagues have dealt with working from home and I know that many of them have welcomed their return to the office and meeting up with their teammates and friends. Let’s just hope we’ve seen the last of lockdown here and that other countries are soon able to follow suit.

For our clients with funds invested through us, I would like to bring to your attention, the article from Andrew Moore (HERE) which explains our new partnership with Albemarle Street Investment Partners.

On August the 31st we completed a radical restructuring of our UK business, into one company: Alexander Beard Global Services Ltd (ABGS).

I am delighted to tell you that Andrew Moore has accepted the position of Managing Director. ABGS will encompass all our non-employee benefit regulated activities in the UK and as a result I am stepping back from day-to-day involvement, to concentrate on developing the marketing of the business through our various worldwide outlets.

It is an exciting time for Andrew and his senior management team and they are positioned to take the business forward into the future, beyond my eventual retirement.

Since the last newsletter we also welcomed Kate Walker as Receptionist, Yasmin Nuttall as Administration Assistant and Emma Brown as Client Services Supervisor. Now we are back in the office I look forward to getting to know them better; I wish them all every success.

Best wishes

Paul Beard Founder and Executive Chairman


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