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Coronavirus, Lockdowns and Stock Markets in Simple Numbers


Trying to get a handle on the economic numbers during this global pandemic is like trying to keep your focus on 20 different grains of sand whilst running along a beach. It all seems rather blurry, both the tiny details and the huge scale of it all are overwhelming, and never mind all that - you have enough to worry about just keeping going.


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Coronavirus – Impact on your Finances


When asked what we do as Financial Advisers, I occasionally explain that it is an ugly business - we deal with tax, death, disease and deferred gratification (we save tax, arrange life cover, disability cover and long-term investments).


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Stock Markets and the Electoral Cycle


There is a theory that stock markets react predictably to progress in elections. Usually, newly elected parties tackle the more painful issues early in their term in power, perhaps making cuts to spending and laying the ground for longer-term policies.


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Monthly Market Commentary

July Market Commentary (SA)


An economic review in charts: 2 to 8 August 2021: focus is on the change in SA Minister of Finance as well as the extremely strong US employment data for July 2021


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March Market Commentary


Welcome to the March Market Commentary: as you will see below, February was a good month for world stock markets with virtually all the major markets moving in the right direction.


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February Market Commentary


It might be appropriate to start January 2021 by looking back at last year. At the start of January 2020, we were fairly sure what we would be writing about, which included the run-up to Brexit on the 31st and a gradual thawing of US/China relations with a long-awaited trade deal due to be signed.


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