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Alexander Beard Group is excited to announce a new partnership with Clear Currency

Alexander Beard Group is excited to announce a new partnership with Clear Currency enabling our new ‘International Currency Transfer’ service across our core regions.

Our International Currency Transfer service, powered by Clear Currency will enable our clients to access over 35 currencies, and make international payments quickly, easily, and securely.

Clear Currency is a leading global provider of currency transfer services and has been working with clients for over ten years in establishing excellent service to their customers. With global headquarters in London, Clear is fully regulated by the FCA and settles through their tier 1 global banking partner, Barclays.

Our new currency transfer service will provide a team of currency specialists who will work with your clients to establish currency needs and provide cost effective payment solutions. Alternatively, clients can access a seamless online currency platform where they can create a free account within a few minutes and make quick low-cost international payments across the globe.

The ABG currency transfer service can facilitate small regular payments all the way up to larger currency amounts and will provide free guidance for both individuals and businesses needing to make cross border payments. Clear Currency has an excellent record of providing superior customer service and care, with a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, and a long list of happy customers.

In summary, our new currency service will provide individuals with excellent exchange rates that are protected from currency fluctuations, and a personal currency specialist providing free guidance to ensure a quick and hassle-free payment service. Businesses can also access a free ‘FX health check’, quickly providing a benchmark on previous payment pricing, as well as foreign exchange hedging strategies and solutions to meet their business needs.

The service is now live across our UK, US, Australia and South African websites.

To start using our service today all you need to do is go to the website and fill in your details. Clear Currency will be in touch to help you start saving money on your international payments.

The ABG Currency Transfer services can be found here:

You can also contact our Clear Currency Senior Partnerships Manager, Naomi Feltham or on +44 (0)7922 131 152


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