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Quarterly Newsletter - January 2022

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Hi Everyone

Happy New Year.

Let’s hope 2022 sees the end of the worldwide pandemic and life returning to normal.

We still have the majority of our staff working from home and endeavouring to maintain our high standards of service during this period of higher covid transmission, although it’s good to see the effects of the Omicron virus are modest.

During the last quarter of 2021 we relocated both our London office, details are on the website and the head office of our international employee benefits company in the Netherlands.

In November, Gordon Berriman, one of our South African Directors (and one of the founders of the business we acquired in Johannesburg, 2 years ago), and his family, emigrated to Australia and will hopefully be joining our business in Perth in the near future. We wish him and his family well in their new country.

In December, our International Retirement Plan (IRP) was selected, in open competition, by the David Weekley Family Foundation (DWFF), one of the USA’s leading NGO sponsors, as the preferred option to provide retirement savings accounts for the staff of their international partners, in countries where there is limited suitable local provision. I congratulate our IRP team, led by Lesley Stevens, for this significant achievement.

We look forward to working with DWFF and their membership in the coming months and years.

There is little else of any significance to report in this, our first newsletter of 2022, other than to report that the group as a whole ended 2021 strongly and we are well placed to continue our steady growth in the year ahead.

Best wishes

Paul Beard Founder and Executive Chairman


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