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Quarterly Newsletter - October 2022

Hi Everyone

Welcome to the 3rd quarter/ Autumn client newsletter.

I am pleased to include the first contribution from our colleagues in our newly opened Dublin office, with Director Feargal McKenna, discussing the forthcoming auto enrolment pension legislation in Ireland.

As everyone, I am sure knows, here in the UK we are going through a very difficult time politically and as a close follower of politics, I have never known such a febrile atmosphere.

To have had a new PM and a new Monarch within 4 days, was one thing, but to be faced with the resignation of Liz Truss after only 44 days in office and yet another new Prime Minister, which would make the fourth Prime Minister in just over 3 years, is quite another.

The instability this causes is evident to everyone and the impact upon family finances necessitates a return to stability at the earliest moment. Interest rate rise naturally leads to increased mortgage repayments, so I would also like to draw your attention to the link that takes you to our Mortgage Director Mike Shakespeare’s excellent piece on the state of the UK mortgage market interest, following the last two weeks upheavals in the bond markets and their effect on interest rates.

Kind regards Paul D Beard

Founder and Executive Chairman


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