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The International Student Health Plan

Erring towards the end of an extraordinary academic year, students, following the 2020 trend, appear to remain committed to international study in 2021.

“67% of international students indicate they are not changing their plans for 2020. Of the 33% who are changing plans, the vast majority (86%) still plan to attend a university but have changed either the country or university they initially intended. Only 3% decided against enrolling in a university.” (Forbes 2020)

We are very pleased to continue to offer the extremely comprehensive Student International Health Plan through April-International.

The Student International Health Plan is designed for students (18yrs-40yrs) of any nationality living, working or studying outside of their home country as part of their college or university course.

The plan may be purchased for a minimum of one month and a maximum of 4 years,

Medical treatment can be carried out locally however for more serious conditions the 24hr medical assistance partner CEGA is on hand to provide transport by airline or air ambulance to a more suitable medical facility .

For those about to embark on a global study adventure or with children starting education courses outside home countries and looking for additional peace of mind, contact to find out more.

Lesley Stevens

Client Services Director - International Education and NGO


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