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Why Review Your Corporate Pension?

In the dynamic world of corporate pensions, regular reviews are not just beneficial; they're essential for the health and effectiveness of your scheme. If your corporate pension has been operational for several years, has seen a growth in membership, or if the assets within the scheme have significantly increased due to contributions, it's time to consider a comprehensive review. Here’s why:


  1. Potential for Lower Charges: As your pension scheme grows, your scheme may become eligible for lower administrative and investment management charges. Providers often offer more competitive rates for larger schemes, meaning a review could lead to significant cost savings for your members.

  2. Enhanced Fund Choices: The financial market is constantly evolving. A pension scheme that was set up years ago might not offer the best or most relevant investment options in today's market. Regular reviews ensure that your scheme offers a diverse and up-to-date range of investment choices, aligning better with current market opportunities and member preferences.

  3. Improved Employee Information and Administration: A key aspect of any pension scheme is how well it communicates with its members. An outdated scheme might lack in providing clear, understandable, and relevant information to its members. Modernising this aspect can lead to better-informed employees who can make more educated decisions about their retirement planning.

  4. Meeting Regulatory Compliance: The pension industry is subject to frequent regulatory changes. Regular reviews ensure your scheme remains compliant with the latest regulations, avoiding potential legal complications and fines.

At Alexander Beard International Benefits, we understand the importance of keeping your corporate pension scheme aligned with the latest market trends and regulatory requirements. Our team is proficient in reviewing schemes across the UK pension market, providing tailored recommendations to meet your unique needs. We don't just stop at recommendations; our team is equipped to assist in implementing any provider changes and ensure a smooth transition. Moreover, we are committed to educating your employees, enhancing their understanding of the pension scheme, and helping them plan effectively for their retirement.

A well-managed corporate pension is more than a benefit; it’s a commitment to your employees' future. By choosing to review and potentially enhance your pension scheme, you're taking a crucial step in securing a better financial future for your members. Let Alexander Beard International Benefits guide you through this essential process, ensuring your corporate pension scheme is as effective and beneficial as it can be. Colin Nicol Chief Commercial Officer – Employee Benefits Division


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