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Olivier Champetier

Account Manager - Alexander Beard (France) SAS

Olivier Champetier
Modern Bridge

33 (4) 28 29 07 34

65 Rue du Président Édouard Herriot, Lyon, France


Olivier is an experienced insurance professional with a background in business law.
In the early stages of his career, Olivier served as a Financial Advisor at Generali, where he honed his skills in providing strategic financial guidance to clients.
Transitioning within the Generali Group, Olivier took on the role of Underwriter, showcasing his ability to assess and manage risks effectively.
Olivier's career progression within Generali led him to the critical role of designing life insurance products. Here, he demonstrated his innovation and creativity by contributing to the development of insurance solutions that catered specifically to the needs of individuals, showcasing a dynamic understanding of the market.
Now, as an Account Manager at Alexander Beard, he can apply his extensive experience to providing solutions and supporting our French clients’ employee benefits plans.

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