What People Say - Continued

“My time with CHAI and my partnership with ABG has been a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for your support.”
CHAI HR Senior Co-Ordinator. 19.12.2019

"Dear Melissa, I'd like to confirm receipt of my pension funds. I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank you and the team for supporting me over the last decades.  I am very appreciative of your professionalism and diligence over the years. I look forward to a more secure future due to your previous hard work."
DR (Retiring international teacher Turkey) 18.11.2019

“I am very grateful for your attentiveness and care in managing my account over the years. I wish you all the luck and happiness for the future”
Emma (International Teacher) 17.07.2019

"Many thanks indeed and thanks to you and the team for the great service I have had from AB over the past 7 years."
Phillip N. (International Academic Adviser) - 02.04.2019

"Many thanks for confirmation of transfer of money and for all your help with regard to this. I want to say that you have been an excellent company to deal with and I always found your staff so helpful and patient with regard to any queries I had. You were also very prompt in following up on any actions and in particular with regard to finalizing matters with my account. I thank you most sincerely and wish you every success in the future."
Paula K. Client of Alexander Beard International Education & NGO - 12.03.2019

"I have had a relationship with the Alexander Beard Group for over 14 years, which started when I was employed at an international school in Asia which used their services to manage the retirement accounts of all teachers. All of the officers who have served me have treated me with professionalism and also given me personal attention which has also exceeded my expectations. I have had any requests or questions addressed quickly, expertly and in a kind and
courteous manner. It is clear to me that ABG emphasizes service and attention to their clients' needs. It has been a pleasure to work with all of you at ABG. Many thanks and best regards."

Rolando, Client of Alexander Beard International Education & NGO - 28.08.2018

"Dear Laura, Thank you for all your help with this process and to Lesley too. I really appreciate the way you kept me informed at each stage."
Amanda, Client of Alexander Beard International Education & NGO - 17.07.2018

“I’d just like to say again that it has been an absolute pleasure working with the ABG team during my time at Oppenheimer. The help and service received has been fantastic and I can’t fault it. Thank you!”
Andrea Baillie, Executive Director, Head of Business Administration, HR & IT - 17.11.2017

"Mr Benn gives me excellent advice he fully understands my business and work which helps."
Mr B T Rutter, Client of Alexander Beard Wealth Management - 19.09.2017

"After some bad experiences with so called IFA's I am very happy to be in the care of ABG."
Mr R Moore, Client of Alexander Beard Wealth Management - 04.07.2017

“The Alexander Beard team has been a strong partner of our for the past several years. They have great attention to detail and is a strong strategic partner for our employees. They exemplify excellent customer service with their hands-on approach. This is what our employees truly value within their benefits offering. Given the overall positive experience, we’ve also recently expanded our services with Alexander Beard to France and Ireland. The experiences there has been great there as well.”
Palo Alto Networks Client of Alexander Beard International Benefits B.V. – 26.05.2017

"Thank you for your patience with everything that was bouncing backwards and forward over a long period. Matt is a credit to your company in South Africa, he has really worked hard on my behalf I would not have had a clue where to start. Many thanks again for the excellent service I have received from you company."
Mr S Roberts - 07.06.2017

“We have a number of visits from financial advisors during the year but I would have to say that Janet is by far the best informed and, unlike some, does not try to sell you something you neither want nor need so I would encourage you to speak to her.”
Mark Thomas, Principal of The British School of Guangzhou - 11.09.2014

“Firstly thank you so much for the informative talk you gave at the beginning of last term at BIS Vietnam. I learnt an awful lot and your down to earth knowledgeable method of delivery was excellent. When my husband met you a few years ago your wisdom and all round knowledge was remembered well and much appreciated. You really do seem to have the edge when it comes to assisting teachers through the minefield of financial logistics.”
Mrs Belinda Smith, Client of International Schools & Humanities Division - 15.01.2014

“Thanks again for your service. We appreciate your straightforward answers and honesty and look forward to working with you to insure financial security for our retirement.”
Catherine Wimpey, Client of International Schools & Humanities Division - 17.08.2013

“Quite honestly, you all have the best customer service I have ever experienced in a financial institution!”
Marcella Lewis, Client of International Schools & Humanities Division - 29.05.2013