The Alexander Beard Group is an international financial services organisation.

Our headquarters are in the United Kingdom (Chester); we also have other UK offices in Leeds and London with international offices in Australia, France, The Netherlands, South Africa and U.S.A.

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  • 31% of Britons have given up saving

    A recent study has revealed that almost a third of the population are putting no money at all into savings. The report by the Social Mobility Commission found that 31% of people in Britain have nothing left to save at the end of every month, with 4% saving under £10. Around half save £100 or under,...

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  • UK to lose out this Christmas in VAT

    VAT avoidance could cost the UK tens of millions of pounds this Christmas thanks to the increasing number of non-EU sellers on sites such as Amazon and eBay. The huge increase in traders from countries such as the USA and China is difficult to control, resulting in an overly complicated system which...

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  • Already ? Surely Not!

    It’s that time again when many International Teachers are coming to the end of their existing contracts or just relish a new challenge. Professionally, due to timing, you most likely have already had to resign from your existing post (usually by Christmas) before confirming a new posting (vacanci...

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