The Alexander Beard Group is an international financial services organisation.

Our headquarters are in the United Kingdom (Cheshire); we also have other UK offices in Yorkshire and London with international offices in Australia, France, The Netherlands, South Africa and U.S.A.

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  • VAT in ‘no deal’ Britain

    With just seven months to go, the prospect of a ‘no deal’ Brexit looks increasingly likely. Theresa May recently said that it ‘wouldn’t be the end of the world’ and the fact that HMRC have just released guidance on ‘VAT for businesses if there’s no Brexit deal’ indicates that it is more than a dista...

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  • 4 top tips to protect yourself against pension scammers

    You may well have seen the headlines that victims lost an average of £91k each in pension scams last year. Worryingly, in a recent survey, 32% of pension holders aged 45-65 said they were unsure how to verify if they were speaking to a genuine pensions adviser. Scammers are becoming increasingly sop...

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  • 3 out of 4 UK businesses are burdened by compliance

    According to recent figures, 75% of British businesses feel weighed down by the burden of tax administration and compliance. It is believed that this has increased considerably in recent years, with some people describing the tax system as positively Byzantine. While the introduction of new tax rel...

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