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Our headquarters are in the United Kingdom (Chester); we also have other UK offices in Leeds and London with international offices in Australia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa and U.S.A.

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  • IN OR OUT?

    'IN OR OUT?' - A special report on the EU Referendum Depending on when you read this article, there’s a month – or less – to go until the UK votes in the EU Referendum. The exact question, proposed by the Electoral Commission and accepted by the Government in September 2015, will be: Should the...

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  • Four new laws and how they’ll change the way you live

    2016 has seen a number of new laws introduced by the government, and whilst some were widely reported, others feel conspicuous by their absence in the media. Here are four which could have a major impact on how both you and the British public in general live day to day: Immigration rules for wo...

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  • Tax cuts now, payback later – what will the Budget of 2019 look like?

    The Chancellor will need to reduce borrowing by £32bn in 2019-20 – the biggest ever annual cash consolidation – in order to meet his Budget surplus target by the end of parliament, according to a new post-Budget briefing report published by the Resolution Foundation. The Foundation’s post-Budge...

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