The Alexander Beard Group is an international financial services organisation.

Our headquarters are in the United Kingdom (Chester); we also have other UK offices in Leeds and London with international offices in Australia, France, The Netherlands, South Africa and U.S.A.

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  • How will AI change your interactions with your accountant?

    When you hear the words ‘artificial intelligence’, the first thing you think of is probably one of the many examples of computers and machines built to think, work and react like a human being in the movies. But AI is certainly no longer a fantasy restricted to the world of science fiction, with its...

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  • UK government to toughen stance against online VAT fraud

    The government’s Public Accounts Committee criticised HMRC last month for their undue cautiousness in pursuing ‘fraudsters’ who fail to pay VAT when selling goods online. Whilst major online marketplace sites Amazon and eBay have said they are working together with HMRC to tackle the issue, the comp...

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  • Millennials leading the way in saving for retirement

    Recent data suggests that younger generations are on track to save more than their parents and grandparents, despite their earnings on average being considerably lower. Part of the reason for this is time: simply put, young people have more years ahead of them than older generations until they retir...

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