The Alexander Beard Group is an international financial services organisation.

Our headquarters are in the United Kingdom (Cheshire); we also have other UK offices in Yorkshire and London with international offices in Australia, France, The Netherlands, South Africa and U.S.A.

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  • What does the US trade war with China mean for the rest of the world?

    Trump’s presidency has seen U.S. trade policies return to a bygone era of protectionism. At the start of July, the U.S announced $34 billion of tariffs on Chinese goods, suggesting that Trump has China firmly in his sights. With $16bn more in the pipeline and Trump advising his administration to pr...

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  • UK properties slower to sell than a year ago

    While people may be experiencing difficulties in selling their houses, the flip side for those buying a property is that house prices haven’t been rising. This is good news for first time buyers in particular. According to the Halifax, the UK’s largest mortgage lender, in the year leading up to Jun...

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  • Can we make inheritance tax simpler?

    Inheritance tax (IHT) has existed in the UK for over 300 years. In its current form, it was brought in to replace the old Capital Transfer Tax; a measure that was brought in itself as a form of wealth distribution in order to regulate disparity between rich and poor. Although in concept the idea is...

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