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A Caudill (Client of Mark James - 
Alexander Beard USA Inc.)

"My conversation with Mark James regarding UK/US pension guidance was nothing short of phenomenal!

Mark's knowledge and advice was invaluable and I look forward to connecting with him again in the months to come as my wife and I get more personally and financially settled here in London.

Thank you for facilitating!"

J C Deneuville (Client of Alexander Beard (France) SAS)

"Dear Gilles


I want to thank you for your support and your availibility throughout  this lengthy and sometimes frustrating process, due to the inflexibility of the pension funds

Your advice and recommendations were very useful to help me navigate this complex system and complete the paperwork


The process is now almost complete and I will be happy to recommend you and ABG if and when needed."

D Smith (Alexander Beard Global Services Client)

"Hi Sharon


I just wanted to drop you a note of sincere thanks with humble gratitude for your work carried out on my behalf over the past few weeks.


Having to realise something that you had built over the years due to unforeseen circumstances is not easy but your attitude, pleasant , courteous and exceptionally clear manner was just a joy to work with.


Wel done to you on how you conduct yourself. Learning your role is one thing but being able to talk t clients and earn their trust in a very short space of time is a skill that only you can develop and you have done it exceptionally well. "

K Rodgers (Alexander Beard Wealth Client)

"Dear Mike,
Having found myself in a situation that I did not see coming, which appeared with relatively short notice, I was eager to ensure that I was in a position to act with confidence and clarity when needing to manage my situation.
I cannot praise Mike Shakespeare at Alexander Beard enough for his support, patience, and professionalism during the many interactions and conversations that I had with him. His disarming personality, accompanied by his attributes and qualities enabled me to form a professional relationship with Mike, with trust and confidence being the foundation it was developed from."


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E Chu (Helen Keller International)

"I want to express gratitude to the entire team at the Alexander Beard Group. To you, Kelly and Lesley, thank you!I so enjoyed our collaboration these many years. I could not have been this successful in executing my responsibilities if I didn't have your guidance and support along the way"

G Cotter (Alexander Beard Global Services Client)

"Dear Sharon

Thank you and Lee for a very positive and reassuring experience.

I felt that you really listened and understood our needs and reassured me."

John Murray (Alexander Beard Global Services Client)

“Dear Glynn, I would like to thank Lee, Paula, your support colleagues and yourself for the professionalism and commitment you have shown since I first contacted Alexander Beard on this topic approx. 6 months ago.

Your attention to detail and speed of response on all matters was exemplary and I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone with whom I am in contact both within and outside of my employer who require planning advice for a similar highly complex financial topic”

DS (International Retirement Plan member)

"Thank you for this update. The transfer has been credited to my account.

I’m grateful to the ABG for managing this fund on my behalf. I would also like to express my gratitude to you, Lesley, and Kelly for all your support in processing this surrender."

KK (International Charity Employee) 

"Dear Lesley, May I take this opportunity to appreciate and thank you for creating time to accord me a virtual zoom meeting last week. The meeting was very helpful and an eye opener. This is a clear confirmation of the effectiveness of your organization as it strive to serve its members."

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